Thursday, April 30, 2015

Environmental Health

What does environmental health mean to you? 

For me, it means reducing potentially harmful exposures for both myself and my family.  But I only have so much control.  I can choose green cleaning products, low VOC paint and fixtures, buy organic and recycle. However, beyond the four walls of my house, my impact is lessened. Which is why our work at MD H2E is focused on changing the culture of healthcare and the communities they serve.  I can't single-handedly eliminate the use of neocontinoid insecticides in my food supply or even around my neighborhood for that matter.  I can't reduce noxious gases and emissions from all the factories in my vicinity. Nor can I rescue every pill that is dumped down the drain. 

But what I can do, is raise awareness. And from that awareness rises belief. And from that belief rises action. And from action we see more action. That is how I approach environmental health: In my work here at MD H2E and in my own home.  And that is how we plan on changing the culture in healthcare in Maryland to one that takes environmental health and sustainability into account on a daily basis: one person at a time.

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